So. I finally got up to take some pictures of the (modest) progress I’ve made with the New Brown (as opposed to the Old Brown, which retired with full honours as explained in the previous post).


This is the interlinig, with bones and everything. The seams have not been all finished,as I think it needs one last check for the fit and a nod of approval from those wiser than me. After that I must pick up the courage to cut the fancy fabrics and start braiding some insane amounts of silk yarn for the decorations. The inspiration came from this Pourbus painting, although the brown wool is too dark to put the stripes so tightly. I thik it’ll work if I leave out every other double line, if you know what I mean.


An Unknown Lady, Holding a Pomander on a Gold Chain

I want to make the doublet as the original was, with shoulder rolls, so I can’t wear it like this with the long black gown, tempting though it would be to replace the shoulder rolls with wings. I guess I’ll just have to make another one like this 😉

Oh, and here arethe interlinig bits for the skirts and the collar. The brown wool in the skirt bits is what I had left of the original Old Brown fabric, and used here as much for sentimental reasons as practical; this wau I didn’t have to chop up any better and newer fabrics.


The Cudgel Wars event is just around the corner, it’ll be buttons galore in there and afterwards I’ll hopefully have more pictures and better progress to flaunt.